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- The Flexible Solution for MultiBody Simulation -


1. General Introduction

1.1 What is RecurDyn-on-Demand?
RecurDyn-on-Demand (RoD) offers companies, universities, research centers, students and private households the possibility to use RecurDyn/Professional and certain toolkits just by purchasing a RecurDyn contingent for a fixed amount of money. After purchasing such a contingent, the user can start immediately to use RecurDyn whenever it is needed in order to build up models, to run simulations, to start various parameter studies, create results in order to figure out if the designed mechanism /machine works correctly.
RecurDyn-on-Demand is of interest for people who just once in a while like to use a multi-body-simulation software without investing a high amount of money.
1.2 Who can use RecurDyn-on-Demand?
  • Companies
  • Universities / Research Centers
  • Students / Private Households
1.3 In which countries RecurDyn-on-Demand can be used?
RoD can be used all over Europe.
1.4 What are the reasons to use RecurDyn-on-Demand?
  • Multibody simulation is just needed once in a while
  • High investments are avoided
  • Benchmarks can easily be done in order to figure out if RecurDyn meets the user’s demands
  • Existing CAD models can easily be exported to RoD, put into motion and analyzed
  • In order to use a multi-body-simulation-tool for a bachelor or master thesis
1.5 What offers RecurDyn-on-Demand?
  • Flexibility:
RoD can be used, when it is really needed.
  • Reliability:
All models/data stay always locally on your machine/server and behind your firewall. The used time is synchronized to the FunctionBay server system. Even if the internet gets disconnected, the user is able to use the model he worked on, but can not run simulations or switch to another toolkit. Furthermore, the user is not able to save the model. The installation of RecurDyn-on-Demand occurs on your local machine.
  • Cost Effectness:
You get what you pay – not less, not more, since the billing is 100% accurate. The used simulation time will be automatically counted and displayed.
1.6 Which type of toolkits are included in RecurDyn-on-Demand?
  • RecurDyn/Professional (Modeler & Solver), base license
  • RecurDyn/FullFlex (inc. Automesher)
  • RecurDyn/ReducedFlex
  • RecurDyn/Belt
  • RecurDyn/Chain
  • RecurDyn/Gear
  • RecurDyn/Spring
  • RecurDyn/Bearing

For further information please refer to our RecurDyn Brochure

1.7 What kind of technical support offers RecurDyn-on-Demand?
RecurDyn-on-Demand includes technical support from FunctionBay GmbH by a ticketing system (3.1). Futhermore, a Premium Technical Support (3.2) can be booked for an additional amount, which includes support/hotline by phone, webinar and email p.a..
1.8 What kind of technical limitations underlies RecurDyn-on-Demand?
RoD licenses and modules offer the same functionalities as the RecurDyn Stand-Alone version, here are no technical restrictions. RoD is currently based on RecurDyn V8R5. Please be so kind to note that models created in RoD can be transferred into the Stand-Alone RecurDyn version and toolkits, but NOT vice-versa.
1.9 How to start RecurDyn-on-Demand:
In order to start the use of RecurDyn-on-Demand first of all the user has to register and fill in the mask. For companies it is very important to add the VAT #. Then one contingent out of three - in addition to the starter fee – has to be chosen. As soon as the official order has been sent to FunctionBay GmbH (a predefined order form can be downloaded), or the contingent has been directly paid by using Paypal, the RecurDyn software can be downloaded, a key will be generated and send to the user by email. After accepting the terms and conditions during the installation, the user can start to work with RecurDyn-on-Demand. An invoice will automaticall be created and send to the user by email.

2. General information concerning Prices & Products, Terms of Payment

2.1 Starter Fee / Reactivation-Fee and Maintenance:
In order to start with RecurDyn-on-Demand a starter fee of €300,00 has to be ordered, which includes one year of maintenance (see maintenance). Also including a starter contingent of €200,00. The starter fee is calculated separately and cannot be charged with a contingent, or a remaining credit. The starter fee concerns:
  • New users
  • Additional locations
  • Transfer of RoD to another computer
  • The reactivation of maintenance.
2.2 Contingents:
The chosen contingent enables the user to start to work with RecurDyn and toolkits. The use of RoD will be accurately charged per minute and debited from the ordered contingent. There are three different contingents available:
  • €1.000,00,
  • €2.500,00
  • €5.000,00
The contingent is limited to a duration of 24 months, including 12 months of maintenance. After 12 months the user can either decide to reactivate maintenance by ordering again the starter fee (reactivation-fee) or by purchasing a new contingent. Both possibilities include 12 months of maintenance.
2.3 Falling below a Contingent:
It is the user’s own responsibility to check the amount of the contingent frequently and to order a new contingent in time and long enough before its full consumption. In case that your RoD contingent shows a negative balance, an automatic warning will be displayed. In order to finish your simulations tasks, a new contingent should be ordered immediately. In case, that FunctionBay GmbH does not receive a new order, and the user tries to safe results of the still running simulation, those will be lost as soon the button “cancel” pushed. Of course, all other simulations and models will be frozen and can be restarted as soon as the contingent is renewed. The user can decide to receive automatically an email with a warning when a certain amount of the ordered contingent is consumed.
2.4 Products and Prices:
RecurDyn/Product Price per Minute
RecurDyn/Modeler* € 0,25
RecurDyn/Solver € 0,12
RecurDyn/FullFlex (incl. AutoMesher) € 0,15
RecurDyn/RFlex € 0,10
RecurDyn/Belt € 0,20
RecurDyn/Chain € 0,20
RecurDyn/Gear € 0,10
RecurDyn/Bearing € 0,10
RecurDyn/Spring € 0,10

* The RecurDyn/Modeler is prerequisite for the usage of any other RecurDyn Toolkit, e.g. RecurDyn/FullFlex.

The prices are net with extra VAT depending on the country of use. The entire connection time (elapsed time) is documented on a per-second basis, accumulated per product and automatically deducted from the prepaid contingent. The connection time includes the elapsed time for preprocessing, postprocessing, and solving per user, from the start of the program to the correct return of the license and termination of the program, including possible idle times. Any changes within a software release or across the release are also valid for already ordered and booked contingents.

2.5 Terms of Payment and Delivery:
  • The right to use shall only be transferred to the customer after reception of the full payment of the invoice.
  • All prices are net, plus value-added-tax, depending on the country the user is located
  • Terms of Payment: Prepayment by using PayPal is one option. Here an invoice will automatically be generated and send to the user mentioning the term “Already paid”. If the user decides to order RoD by an official purchase order, an invoice will later be created and sent by email. The terms of payment are 14 days, net. Nevertheless, the user can start immediately to work with RoD. In case that after 14 days the invoice is not paid, FunctionBay GmbH has the right to freeze RoD and cannot be used anymore until the invoice is paid. Furthermore, after sending an order or after payment by PayPal, refund is not possible anymore.
  • Prices can be changed even during a booked contingent and its period.
  • Remaining contingents or starter fees will not be refunded.
  • The respective software license agreement shall prevail.
  • The software is only activated after the acceptance of the license agreement.
  • The software is subject to the export regulations of the buyer’s country as well as the respective country of origin.
  • General terms and conditions of the customer do not get a contractual component.
  • Errors and changes excepted.
  • FunctionBay GmbH is not responsible for lost data or project delay of customers in case of an unpaid invoice.

3. General information concerning Maintenance and Premium Technical Support

3.1 General Technical Support / Maintenance
Technical support by FunctionBay GmbH - via a ticketing system - is included in the Starter fee (Re-Activation Fee). As soon as the user is logged-in, he can send via email questions, bug reports, etc. to the support team of FunctionBay GmbH. Maintenance also includes a password-protected access to download the software, to updates and service packs. Maintenance expires after one year, but can be renewed by ordering the starter fee (reactivation fee), a new contingent or a Premium Technical Support.
Please be so kind to note that this RecurDyn-on-Demand maintenance cannot be used for RecurDyn Stand-Alone.
3.2 Premium Technical Support:
In case that the user is interested in being supported by telephone, email and web meetings, a “Premium Technical Support” can be ordered on top. The price is €3.435,00 per year.
3.3 Training:
We hope for your understanding that our technical support cannot offer RecurDyn trainings on the phone or by email. FunctionBay offers special trainings for beginners and experts in MultiBody  Simulation. If you are interested in receiving a quote here, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just call us:  +49 89 322 098 -27 / -28. We will be glad to send a proposal to you.

4. General Terms

4.1 Special conditions
Neither special conditions in general nor special conditions for educational institutions can be claimed.
4.2 Use Related to the Location
The use of RecurDyn-on-Demand is restricted by law to the physical address and to the department, for which the software usage agreement has been issued and from which RecurDyn-on-Demand will be used. The starter fee is applicable for this contractually authorized location. The use of further locations or further physical addresses is not permitted within a contract. Likewise, a transfer to third parties or a use by third parties is not permitted.
4.3 Extension of the Use of RecurDyn-on-Demand to further Locations for companies
The RecurDyn-on-Demand account at further subsidiaries of your company within Europe can be regulated with a previous approval of a separate software usage agreement. The starter fee has to be paid per location, which shall be in addition to be entitled to use RecurDyn-on-Demand.
4.4 Extension of the Use of RecurDyn-on-Demand to other universities / faculties
The same regulations as for companies are applied to the extension of the use of RecurDyn-on-Demand for further universities or faculties.
4.5 Usage and Duration of Use
The user himself is liable for the proper use of RecurDyn-on-Demand. Furthermore, he is responsible for the safe handling of the login or access data for RecurDyn-on-Demand. The password-protected customer area offers the user the possibility to check the current active connections, the toolkits he is using and the current remaining credit. Furthermore, start and end times, user name, host name, duration and costs are identified and saved.
4.6 Software Releases
Updates will be offered on a regular base after the official release of new RecurDyn Stand-Alone versions/toolkits. Users will be informed about updates or new releases on the RecurDyn-on-Demand portal. Of course, previous releases can still be used for a certain time, but nevertheless, new prices and conditions will then be valid.
4.7 RecurDyn-on-Demand for single user and multiple users in Europe.
Each company that wants to use RecurDyn-on-Demand can have one single user or various users with different accounts, even located in different European countries. That means the company just needs to order one time a contingent of e.g. €5.000,00, then the company explains that one user in e.g. France shall have an account of €2.500,00 and the second one in e.g. Germany also for €2.500,00. After the registration on the RecurDyn-on-Demand portal, FunctionBay GmbH will organize those separated accounts (2.1).
4.8 Refund
FunctionBay GmbH is neither obligated to report nor to refund any accidental RecurDyn-on-Demand usage or unintentional long-term connection times. The connection times are settled on a regular base. Refund is neither possible concerning new ordered nor residual contingents, or starter fees.

4.9 Technical requirements
The user himself has to check upfront the technical prerequisites before sending a written order and prior to the authorization for the software download. A subsequent refund of a quota, a residual contingent, or starter fee will not be made.
Minimum requirements:
OS: Windows 7 / 64 Bit; Windows 8 / 64 Bit, Windows 10 / 64 Bit
CPU: 2.4GHz
CPU: 3.4 GHz, QuadCore
RAM: 4GB; large MFBD models 8GB
4.10 Safety
A Non-Disclosure Agreement is not required. The software installation is performed as a client installation. All calculation data remain on the customer's computer, behind their own firewall.
According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), implemented on 2018/May/25th, all individual-related data, like IP-addresses, user names, host names have to be represented in an anonymized way. The person who is in charge of the RoD-Contingent, is able to annul this anonymization by sending a written confirmation per Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Then the user-data of the contingent will be visible again. Of course, this can be repealed again at any time.
4.11 Partners / Distributors
If an user is already supported by a FunctionBay / RecurDyn-Europe partner, he can upfront mention that partner while ordering RoD. The support will nevertheless be offered by FunctionBay GmbH.


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